Yin Ling Mok, Netherlands

” “ The immigrant As I was looking into my own understanding of freedom I simply had to photograph my mother. I understand freedom because of her everyday’s life, because I live my freedom through her sacrifices. My mother was living in two opposite worlds, Hong Kong and The Netherlands, where she felt alienated in…

Sameh Dwikat, Palestine

“freedom is the ability to be yourself and move freely wherever and whenever you want”

Zakaria Ait Wakrim, Morocco

“freedom is the reverse side of responsibility. A feeling rather than an absolute fact and we are responsible for taking care of that.”

Our Story

The Freedom of Stories is an initiative by Kasbah Neuf, that connects MENA (Middle East & North African) and Dutch photographers. For this project they share their thoughts about freedom through visual storytelling.

Carol & Saskia Maarsen, Netherlands

“Durf de vader in zijn ogen te kijken en zeg dat je hoopt dat zijn kinderen je nooit meer zullen zien; zeg tegen de vrouw dat je geen medelijden hebt dat haar moeder op zee verdronken is. Kijk hen in de ogen en zeg het. ZEG HET” Het Surrealisme van Solidariteit Mijn zus Sas is…

Inbal Sophia Drue, Israel

“we should all be much more like plants and grow anywhere, together with other plants in the same flowerpot.”